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5th Annual Benefit Concert



Lexi Adams

Originally from southwest Michigan, Lexi moved to Nashville, TN in 2008 to pursue songwriting at Belmont University. After graduation, Lexi remained in Nashville to continue her pursuit of music and focus on sharpening her craft as a songwriter. She aims to only write music from her heart; shaping lyrics about her faith, life experiences, and lessons learned. Lexi knows the only way to to truly connect with her audience is through sharing her stories and conveying heart through lyrics. Growing up, her mother always told her — “if you can’t feel the song, then it means nothing.” In the last 5 years, Lexi as been living the dream: playing music full time, in the midwest! She currently lives in Michigan, but spends most of her time on the road traveling to different cities in the region. Lexi also recently released her 5 song EP titled, “Lightning.” While she plans on moving back to music city when the time is right, her life and career is thriving in the midwest. Be sure to check out her schedule to see where you can catch her next!


Shelby Lentz

While she may be petite in stature, Shelby Lentz has a voice that will fill any venue. Shelby's talent was recognized at an early age and by fourteen, she was singing the National Anthem at local sporting venues, performed for the first time at the Wild Bull Saloon and earned over 100,000 votes in Bob Kingsley's Future Star online competition. It would not take long before she was grabbing the attention of others in the industry and at just fifteen she opened at The State Theater in Kalamazoo for Warner Music artist, Frankie Ballard. It was also about this time that she began collaborating with local song writers on original music as well. She went on to also open for former American Idol finalist, Matt Giraud, as well as international recording artist, Joanne Shaw Taylor, and country act, Montgomery Gentry. Shelby spent two years pursuing music in Nashville, Tennessee where she attended Belmont University and worked at the Grand Ole Opry. She recorded two studio EPs while in Nashville and performed on Broadway at the famous Tootsies. Her second EP, entitled “Unbroken” features a song called “Champion” Lentz co-wrote with her friend, Jessica Kellie Adams, inspired by Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Balboa films. After the diagnosis of Huntington’s Disease in her family, and being recently diagnosed herself, she began her own nonprofit, “Champions for HD” to help aid research as well as other local families struggling with this disease. This was named in honor of her song “Champion” that is now recognized as an HD power anthem and part of her musical proceeds go back to Champions for HD to further the fight against Huntington’s. Shelby performs a mixture of songs that delight all audiences of all ages. There is no doubt that this little girl packs a powerful punch as an experienced entertainer. 


KODY Bryant

Kody is a good ole country boy that will make you tap your feet and cry a sweet tear in the same breath.  He thrives on playing crowd favorites and new requests because to him "music is about sharing with people and creating fun memories." Kody's roots are strong, following after his mama, who played for over 20 years, throughout Texas and Michiana (Whiskey River). Indiana born and raised, Kody grew his musical abilities from a young age, both at home and in church, learning multiple  instruments and finding his voice. His true musical journey began at a point in life when he knew he was not doing what he was called to. God made it very clear that music was the answer. Kody found his niche in country music. He now resides with his beautiful bride Faith in Delton, MI, and travels throughout the Midwest, slowly carving out his legacy in music.  The young man hangs his hat on songs that "make you feel something, gives you goosebumps, and brings back those fond memories." Influenced by Chris Stapleton, Josh Turner, Chris Young, and Need To Breathe, Kody's ready to take on the next level. Be on the lookout for the release of his first album in early spring of 2023.

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Delaney Lentz

Delaney Lentz serves as the Advocacy Leader on The Champions for HD Board of Directors. As one of Shelby’s younger sisters, she is passionate about helping families similar to their own. She is currently in a Senior at The University of Alabama, striving to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. Next year she plans to attend graduate school to study analytics. Laney has love for music and has grown up singing solos in choir, taking part in musicals, and singing alongside her sister Shelby at various venues.


Brandon Khoury

Brandon is a multi-instrumentalist out of Milwaukee, WI, born about 30 years too late. He loves a wide variety of music, ranging from the early rock'n'roll and jazz of the 50's to the Punk Rock of the late 90's/early 2000's. Originally taking an interest in music around the age of 12, he had access to multiple guitars, keyboards, a small electric drum kit, and studio software all courtesy of his father. Couple that with a few critical lessons from his Dad on basic guitar chords, and off he went. Now infatuated mostly with music of the 60's and 70's, Brandon takes pride in the heavy influence of groups like The Beatles, The Stones, The Doors, The Beach Boys, Zeppelin, Aerosmith, SRV, to name just a few.
Mix that in with a twang of Punk from his upbringing, and the result is truly unique. While he spends many of his days Electrical Engineering, music is his true passion.

Nowadays, Brandon is striving to take that passion and use it in the ongoing fight against Huntington's Disease. His family has been affected by the disease his entire life, first taking his grandpa when he was young, and 7 years ago, his mother. Last year, he decided to undergo genetic testing and found out that he too, had inherited the faulty gene responsible for HD. In light of his diagnosis, he is even more driven to share music with the world, and to do so in a way that loudly advocates for an end to this terrible affliction. He has recently embarked on a handful of musical projects, co-founding a new group "The Minna Marlene Revue", and planning to release
his first solo album in 2023. He will always remain strong, and loud, in the fight against HD. In the words of Eric Burdon & War in 1970.. "They Can't Take Away Our Music"


Bernice Rodgers

Bernice Rodgers currently resides in Niles, MI with her husband of 17 years and her two children both 8 and 16. They say she came out the womb singing! She has a great passion for singing and acting and has been in local plays, musicals, and such things over her 39 years of living. She also have a deep passion to serve and help others which is why she chose to go into the medical field. These days Bernice spends her time serving at my local church by singing on the praise team and helping in our outreach ministry, “for God is yet in the saving business!" Back at home she is the primary caretaker to her aunt who has HD. They have our good and bad days and many challenges but with God all things are possible and He gives her the strength to take care of her each and every day. She truly believe this is what she was called to do, to God be the glory!! With much prayer and getting more awareness and studies on this illness Bernice believes they can find better treatments and make life better for those who suffer from HD.

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