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Meet the Board




Shelby is a graduate from Western Michigan University with a degree in Public Realtions and a minor in Event Management. She made the decision to get tested for HD after her grandfather, father, and 13-year-old sister were diagnosed between 2013 and 2016. She was the most recent to be diagnosed in 2017, but currently has no symptoms. A singer/songwriter, she spent two years at Belmont University in Nashville, TN, before coming home to finish her degree at home after being diagnosed. Her song, "Champion" inspired by Rocky Balboa influenced Champions for HD. She continues to share her story through her nonprofit & music. This June, she married her husband, Trey Smithers. Shelby's most recent album, "Teenage Diary" was release July 2023 and is streaming everywhere worldwide.



Tracy, Shelby's mother, has been an active participant in HD fundraisers ever since her daughter's diagnosis. She has been working at Paw Paw Public Schools for 13 years as both a teacher and principal. She is a graduate from Western Michigan University with a Master's degree.

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Marketing Specialist

Delaney is a recent gradate from the University of Alabama, with a degree in Marketing. Currently, she is pursuing a master's degree in data analytics at Loyola University. She is Shelby's sister, and is at-risk for inheriting Huntington's Disease. She has seen first hand the trauma of HD as four of her family members currently have the disease. Delaney also has a passion for the arts and has been singing and performing for years with her sister, in musicals, and at local Miss America pageants. At Alabama, she was in HallyUA, a dance and social club centered around Kpop at the University of Alabama.




Co-Founder; Vice Pesident

Dan owns South Haven Brewpub. He and Shelby met in 2015 when he began hiring her to perform at the brewpub. After her diagnosis, Dan came to her with the idea to start a nonprofit, and has since played an integral role in supporting and funding CHD. He has held multiple benefits with her at the brewpub since then. When he is not working at the brewpub, he works as a nurse.

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Community Outreach, Social Media Ambassador Leader

Brooke is a graduate from the University of Toledo with a Bachelor of Science and Pre-Medicine concentration. She recently started competing in the Miss America Organization and has absolutely loved every self-growth experience it has provided her so far. She is excited to be able to show you all her passion about volunteerism and the life changing opportunities it can bring to not only yourself but those around you. Although she has no personal connection to Huntington’s Disease, she has learned so much from Shelby’s story and believes that Shelby’s passion towards helping anyone with a connection to HD really shines. Brooke knows that being a volunteer can be so much more than what many think they can do, how they can help, or what area of volunteering relates to them. Brooke wants to help show others there are many ways to be a volunteer and to assist you in finding your passion with volunteerism. 



Coming from a family deeply impacted by HD Lisa understands the physical, emotional and financial impacts the disease has on families and loved ones. As Shelby and Delaney's aunt, she became familiar with the great work Champions for HD does helping families impacted by this disease and wanted to be a part of it. Lisa is a CPA working in corporate finance for over 25 years and a graduate of Western Michigan University. In her spare time she loves spending time with family, being outdoors and horseback riding.  

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