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Our Mission

Champions for HD fights to aid families and cure Huntington's Disease, and Juvenile Huntington's Disease, one family and one voice at a time. Our vision is to fight HD by contributing funds to local research while aiding HD families in need. 

In the HD community, many families struggle with both emotional and financial burdens and stress. The anxiety of trying to pay bills for medical and legal purposes, such as genetic testing, attorneys, counseling, medication, in vitro fertilization, and more, take a huge emotional toll on these families. Many individuals with HD wait an average of 2-3 years to receive any disability approval or funding as well. Our job is to bring awareness of this disease and provide support to families impacted by HD.

Being a stil new and growing nonprofit, every dollar makes a difference in our mission and being able to make an impact in our community. While we are based in Michigan, our strategic plan is to grow across the nation with multiple chapters and in-person events in all 50 states. With no cure, the HD community needs hope. As a nonprofit, we are able to offer that to research efforts and families with generous donations like yours. Together we will fight to aid families and cure Huntingtons, and Juvenile Huntington’s Disease, one family and one voice at a time.

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