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PicnicHealth: HD 

Join us to learn about how PicnicHealth can help you keep your medical records organized while contributing to research!

If you are living with HD and are looking for tools to help access & organize your medical records and ways you can contribute to your community, join us for PicnicHealth's informational session and Q&A!

PicnicHealth is a health tech company that understands how challenging it is to access and share your medical records when you need them. With their technology, they do all the work of retrieving and organizing all of your (or your loved ones) records (including imaging!) in one place so you have it at your fingertips whenever you need it. With your consent, they help leverage the de-identified data found within these medical records, allowing you to contribute to real-world data research from home.

When you attend, you’ll learn about:

  • PicnicHealth’s mission and commitment to advancing research in the HD community

  • How their technology can help improve how you manage your care

  • What “real world data” is and how it can help transform research in HD

Your story and voice matter!

Learn more and sign up here. You will receive $200 upon confirmation of a Huntington's Disease (HD) diagnosis or Positive genetic test for Huntington’s Disease.

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